Bathroom Flooring Design Options

Consider moisture at the bathroom – When we talk about the bathroom floors, then we will talk about a series of types of flooring options that we can apply to make the bathroom look more charming – matching the style of decoration that we apply, and provide comfort for all who use it. The floor in the bathroom not only serves as a support bathroom interior, but also used in order to maximize the security of those who are in it.

As we know, the bathroom is one room filled with damp and wet so that the floor was not in vain applied in order to minimize the occurrence of accidents such as falling or slipping. And moisture is the main considerations that we must consider when choosing flooring for the bathroom. Here are some types of flooring that we can apply in the bathroom as a guide.

(1) Ceramic tile – this is the best type for bathroom floors with various benefits ranging from durable, cheap, has a wide selection of designs and styles, comes in various sizes and shapes, have a fairly good traction to prevent any slipping in the bathroom, and easy to maintain.

(2) Vinyl tile – this is one type of flooring with a fairly high degree of practicality and aesthetic value that is pretty good. Many homeowners who decide to get a vinyl floor in a bathroom with a range of advantages ranging from easy installation to have a wide choice of styles that we can choose according to our taste and needs. In addition, vinyl tile comes with a cheap price and are able to present the appearance as we wish.

Other bathroom floors that are a good choice to make the bathroom look beautiful and charming are natural stones. Yup, there are some types of natural stone that we can get to make the bathroom look more WOW ranging from granite, marble, slate, up to limestone. Unfortunately, the price offered for the natural stone is quite expensive. In addition, cold impression on the stone make the bathroom become increasingly cold, and have a tendency to be quite slippery so we have to be careful when walking, especially when the floor is wet.

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