Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Duplex house design is the arrangement of the two apartments that separated in the common wall in one building which provide the complete rooms design in the limitation space.

Implementing duplex house design in the urban society seems to be the popular. The limitation of the space in the city needs the big idea for designing the minimalist house design. Duplex house is one of the house designs that use the limitation space to be the strength in arranging the houses. This house design firstly exists in India, and now spread to all over the world.

The arrangement of the duplex house design is by combining two units of the apartment into one building. These apartments are separated by the common wall. Commonly, the duplex house design and floor plan built in the same position. One apartment is the reflection of the other apartment. This similarity can be whether the style and size of the apartment. In addition, the different variety of the size and layout are allowed by giving the special attached units.

The first design of the duplex house design is for managing the safety of the other family members. The neighbor of the apartment is the parents or family to keep the good relationship. Duplex house gives you the assisting new family living by having the house which near with the parents’ house. You have your own house in the family area.

Duplex house design and floor plan is designed for the family living. It includes the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room and balcony. The duplex house should include the available bedrooms that near with the toilets position. The good position of the duplex house can be reached by sun shine. The good arrangement of the furniture will help you in designing the comfort and bigger space room. Since the duplex house design has the same shape and design, you can change the colors and the pattern for giving the special edition of your house. That is beautiful.

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