Home Terrace Design Plans

Home terrace design must be done by considering two natural aspects of a terrace: private and public. Terrace is the place where those two aspects get their balance in human life.

Terrace is a part of home that is purposed to be the private place for seeking the public one. Because of that, home terrace design must consider the aspect of half private and half public to gain that purpose. There are no capabilities of the terrace to be the whole private or in contrary the whole public. That will make the design of the home on the whole being the funniest one in the world. That will be the bad terrace design instead of unique terrace design.

Nevertheless, what is meant by private and public in home terrace design? By the word private, it means that terrace is the place for us and our family to relax or spend the little leisure time. It can be done indoor too, for example in living room, but terrace gives the add value that is the touch of the outer world or nature that can make the different sense than even the most sophisticated living room in your house.

While the aspect of public in home terrace design means that although it has the high level of privacy based on its purpose of creating, it also is designed to touch the outer world or the public. In modern terrace the border between these two worlds maybe just a simple fence that makes the people from the terrace can see the people out of the fence and so in contrary does too.

Because of those natural aspects of the terrace, home terrace design must be done by considering the possibility of balance between privacy and publicity. Of course it can be ignored up to you, but even the most individual people in the world must have the time when he misses the world outer of him. Terrace gives the people a chance to be the individual and the social creature in the same time.


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