Japanese Garden Design and Element Ideas

Japanese Garden Design has many elements that should be in the list of the plan. It is because the Japanese garden has a different style, elements, and also meaning.

When we talk about garden, then in our mind will come up about applying Japanese Garden Design in your home. Actually there are many designs of the garden such Italian and others. But sure, Japanese Garden Design ideas have more beauties that other designs can’t have. Therefore, if you choose this garden design, it is also will be a better solution. As you know that Japanese garden is idealized with the beauty of the nature touch.

Indeed, Japanese Garden Design is idealized with the beauty of nature such landscape, abstract and the calm or purity touch. For this, you are better to know what items should be in this traditional Japanese Garden Design. It is true that if you want to apply this garden design, then you are better to go with the traditional one. It is because the traditional Japanese garden has more meaning than the modern one.

Japanese Garden Design has some elements that you need to consider about. First is water. Japanese garden always has water inside it whether just a small fountain for the small size garden or the lake, waterfall both in small and big size that is depended on the size of the garden. Water is an important element for the Japanese garden. Second is rock and sand. You can tell that the Japanese garden be full with rock and stand as the land element. It may seem from the rock as a symbol for a mountain and sand as a symbol of beach, a Japanese land country that full with mountain and beaches.

Third element of Japanese Garden Design is fish. Fish is also an important element of this Japanese garden. You will see that fishes are also believed with some meaning in traditional Japanese culture. The fourth element is tree. The most famous tree in the Japanese garden is bamboo. Indeed, bamboo is a good way to plant in the garden where you can also another plants.


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