Landscape Architecture Design Plans

When we talk about landscape architecture design, then we will talk about a job that involves several professionals such as engineers and architects in order to create a landscape design that is in line with expectations. In a construction project, we will find some of the stages of work to be traversed. What are the stages? Well, this will include a number of things ranging from the initial plan, design development, construction drawings, budgeted costs, construction administration, and others.

(1) The original plan – this is a beginning of the work in which we will get planning various landscape elements that will be included, including the form walls, decks, railings, fences, paving, steps, circulation, and others. This is the stage where we will summarize all the concepts into a series in order to realize the desired landscape design.

(2) The development of the design – this is the stage where we’ve had to choose the right type of material for each job.

(3) Construction drawings – this is the stage where we would use the services of contractors to make an image of the landscape to be built which include irrigation, layout, planting, drainage, and other construction details.

(4) In cooperation with the city government’s urban planning so that we can still build in accordance with the permitted corridor.

(5) Determine the budget – it is time to estimate the magnitude of the cost required for construction of the landscaping project.

(6) Prepare offer letters and contracts in order to select a contractor.

(7) Administration building – this is a series of administration that must be solved in the framework of the work of landscape architecture ranging from field visits to observe construction contractors to manage payments.

In landscape architecture design, we will face a challenging job that is how to design a retaining wall to a certain height and that makes a lot of retaining walls to fail is the lack of drainage behind the wall. The walls were built to be made ​​of the right material with the right calculations.

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