Powder Room Design Ideas

To be able to bring the powder room designs in accordance with what we want, then understand and grasp of the existence of a powder room is the first thing we should do. Powder room is a small sized bathroom containing a sink and toilet only that many people refer to it as the guest bathroom because it is situated on the first floor of the house. Placement powder room on the first floor of the house is so that guests who come can use the facility without having to enter personal space homeowners deeper. The sizes of powder room is very small, do not have a window, and some homeowners even put it under the stairs. Nevertheless, this is a room that plays an important role and therefore usually used by guests who come, then we as homeowners have to pay attention to the details of the style of decoration and design.

To be able to bring the powder room designs that look WOW, there are some things that need our attention.

(1) Wall – a wall in the powder room will be a largest surface, so use the wall as much as possible by applying a range of bold colors that can make the room more attractive. It could certainly do with considering the size of the space. In addition to painting the walls with a color that we like, we can also use wallpaper to create a more artistic look. Select the wallpaper with a pattern that can make the room more spacious and make anyone feel comfortable when entering.

(2) The sink – this is one of the important items in the powder room should be chosen carefully by considering their individual tastes. There are many designs and styles that we can choose the sink. If we want to apply a retro style, then choose a classic style sink with retro character to strengthen the powder room.

(3) Toilet – choose toilet with neutral colors to make it more flexible and can fit in all the styles that we want to apply the powder room.

(4) Accessories – there are many choices of accessories for the powder room that we can choose to apply ranging from a towel rack, magazine baskets, shelves which can be used as a repository of various knick-knacks, to decorative artwork.


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