Pros and Cons of Fiberglass Bathtubs for your Bathroom

Fiberglass bathtub for great option – If we want to apply a bathtub in the bathroom, then we can get various types of designs, styles, and types of materials are quite diverse, and one of them is the fiberglass bathtub. It is one kind of material which has some advantages and drawbacks that we need to know before deciding to get it.

First, let’s talk about the advantages of fiberglass bathtubs. The first advantage is that we will get affordability in price – fiberglass tub comes in a relatively affordable price so that it becomes one of the types of bathtubs that many ogled by the homeowner. When compared with other types of materials such as marble, granite, acrylic, plastic, and other materials, fiberglass is the champion.

The second advantage that we can get from fiberglass bathtub is easy installation – yup, no one can deny how easy the installation is offered by bathtubs made ​​of fiberglass when compared with other types of materials such as stone or cast iron that weighs us and can make some other adults overwhelmed when moving it. That said, the fiberglass tub light enough so that it will make it easier for us to bring it even to the second floor of the house.

The third advantage that we can get from fiberglass bathtubs are repairable finish – to note that the fiberglass tub has a soft finish so prone to cracking and get scratches. Nevertheless, we need not worry because it can be fixed easily. Simply apply sanding the surface and apply the filler and perform coating products, then we will get a smooth fiberglass back like new.

Secondly, we will talk about the weakness of the bathroom fiberglass bathtub. The first weakness that we can get from fiberglass tub was resistance unreliable – yeah, because fiberglass has a light weight and thin, the durability is also less reliable. Most of time, we will get only the durability of up to 15 years. In addition, the color will quickly fade over time. Cracks and dents are two other things that we can get when it decided to apply the fiberglass tub.

The second weakness that we can get from fiberglass bathtubs are inconsistent surface – we will get a color that is often not evenly distributed, as well as the thickness of the gel to coat and color. This will certainly reduce the appearance of the bathtub and the bathroom as a whole.

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