Wooden Gazebo Design Ideas for Your Garden

Wooden gazebo design is one of the attractions in your lawn. There are some of the out of box gazebo design that you might follow including the opera building wooden design.

Gazebo is one of the biggest attractions in your garden. This might become the place substituting the use of living room in your house. This can also be a place which offers so many relaxations through interacting with the nature directly. For the design of your gazebo, wooden gazebo design is in the top of popularity that you might choose. This simple but great architectural design of wooden gazebo cannot be denied. There are still a lot of wooden gazebo designs that you can find far away from the general design of wooden gazebo.

The first wooden gazebo design is the Opera building gazebo roof. You can make such different skeleton of your gazebo roof in to such Opera building in Australia. Make it simple. Use the big curves in front of the roof, tighter it in the middle and open up a bit in the back. You do not need to give such beams, overlapping the skeleton to cover both left side and right side. You can use such rattan or other flexible wood to make them easy to be shaped. This best applied in the wooden deck plan.

The second wooden gazebo design is the natural log gazebo. Leftover log might give you such inspiration in making such gazebo deign. Use the leftover log to make such strong beams in each side of your gazebo. You can make four sides or even six sides adjusting your log amount. Build the roof and the flooring. You can use the natural color for your roof, and give such contrast to the floor, but still give the natural sense to balance both of them.

The third wooden gazebo design is the palm tree gazebo. The key of this wooden gazebo design plan is the using of all parts of the palm tree. For the beams, use the strong log of the palm tree. Let the texture and keep them natural. Give them a nice touch with such varnishes paint. For the roof, you can choose both the flat and the tight cone skeleton. Cover the roof with the dry palm leaves. Cover the leave arrangement with the varnishes paint also to keep them durable.


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